All Aboard!

Buttons, cufflinks, brooches and other ephemera invoke memories of the past and todays button is no different.  It is a button off a uniform worn by my late mother-in-law.  She was a bus conductress on the buses for Eastern Counties covering mainly Whittlesey and Peterborough.  There were two shifts a day and she would do one shift and her Mum would do the other.  My husband remembers those days with fond affection.  He spent a lot of time being baby sat on the buses with his Mum and Nan.

The front of the button is a silver colour with the words “EASTERN COUNTIES” embossed onto it.

The reverse of the button is brass with an engraved pattern and post for attaching to the garment.

Eileen worked on the buses for over 25 years.

My husband swears he has a photo of Eileen in her uniform and next to a bus but unfortunately we can’t find it at the moment.  When we do I’ll update the post.

Update 17 Jan 2010

We’ve found a photo of Eileen in her uniform.  Still looking for others.

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