This blog is all about Buttons, Beads and Beautiful things.

I’ve collected buttons for some years now.  Some I’ve bought for clothes that I’ve made, some I’ve found in junk shops or on second hand clothes.  Just recently I’ve inherited a load of buttons from my Mum including a huge collection of mother of pearl buttons kept in a Slippery Elm tin.

My own button box I acquired some years ago from an antique shop in Lewes, East Sussex.  It is extremely heavy and depicts a glorious Peacock on the lid and flowering chrysanthemums on the sides.  It is lined with faded blue velvet.

I also have some of the more unusual buttons on display in a box.

For a while now I have noticed  a number of fellow twitterers are really into buttons and felt it was time to get the button collection out and take a few photos.  This also led to the beginnings of a project for me.

There are loads of beautiful and unusual buttons and beads in my possession and I rather thought, as a Librarian, why not catalogue them, or keep a pictorial record of all of them, just for fun and for other people’s enjoyment.

So here it is.  A button a day…..hopefully.

I would love to hear your views, comments and of course from other button and bead lovers 🙂

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