a snapshot of family history

Todays buttons have been in my Mum’s collection for a long time.  All I know is that one of her aunts was known to be a bit “funny” and may have been at the Asylum in Abergavenny for a time.  As Mum was a child she wasn’t told about such things.  I have researched our family history with this in mind but without much success.  The buttons are metal and stamped with the words Mon: Asylum. Abergavenny.



My Mum’s button box

IMG_0907Mum used to keep all her buttons in the sewing table, but she also collected mother of pearl buttons.  Some of these she inherited from her mother.  They have mostly come off shirts and blouses over the last 80 years. Most are rounded with either 2 or 4 holes, but there are also some squared and oval shapes.  These she  used to keep in a tin which used to house  Slippery Elm powder.  For those who have no idea what Slippery Elm is, this is a direct quote from the tin “Slippery Elm Food…the safest food for Infants.  Contains more nourishment than Porridge or any other Breakfast Food and is more easily digested, combining the Nutritive and Emolient properties of Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus Fulva)”.  And yes, this was what my grandmother used to feed my mother!!!


a taste of things to come…

Todays photo shows the contents of one of my display boxes.  This contains some of my more unusual buttons and beads.


Welcome to the peacock box :)

A new blog for me on a subject I find fascinating.  Buttons mostly but with a few beads and other beautiful things as well.  My aim with this blog is to showcase how diverse clothes’ fastenings can be.  My collection has quite a few unusual items that are housed in button boxes or on display in a glass box.  This blog hopes to bring out to everyone who is interested ALL my beautiful beads and button by providing a photo a day.  Big challenge but one that will provide me with pleasure and I hope will provide pleasure for other people too.