The things you can do with buttons

A couple of weeks ago I went to a conference where a lovely lady had the most gorgeous cotton back with the slogan “Cute as a Button” and joy of joys, had buttons sewn onto it.  I loved that bag.

“Cute as a Button” bag

This got me thinking, I have a cotton CILIP Cymru Wales bag, I have buttons!  I know, I’ll personalise my CILIP bag with buttons.

First of all I came up with the idea of using red and green buttons as these colours represent Wales.  The first draft idea looked like this:

First button draft

I took the photo to remind me of what I had decided and went to bed.  On the way to bed I found the green square handmade buttons I bought from the shop in Cardiff Castle, which sparked another idea of how to place the buttons.  It gave me the idea to use the buttons to represent two pots of button bushes with flowers.

In addition to the buttons, I lined the back by using another CILIP bag turned inside out.  This adds to the strength of the bag, protects the back of the buttons and the extra handles provides the extra support.  I used the existing stitching around the top of the bag to join them both together with small running stitches.  A double row of these ensures the bags will not come apart.

Photos of the finished bag

Buttons sewn in place

Red buttons

Green Buttons