Read the washing label…’s there for a reason!

Today’s buttons were on a cardigan I bought from a local high street store.  It was a beautiful cardigan, lovely shape, gorgeous colour, beautifully soft and squidgy and looked pretty damn cool.  I loved that cardigan and wore it to death.  Then the fateful day arrived.  It needed to be washed.  Handwash only, drip dry and reshape.  But I knew better didn’t I.  I had a cycle on my washing machine that says handwash woollens so in it went.  On completion it looked OK, but then I decided what possible harm could it come to if I stuck it in the tumble drier………..oops, it came out teddy size as in it would fit my teddy!!! It had shrunk and felted in the heat of the tumble dryer.  Gutted.  But entirely my own fault and I have learnt my lesson, possibly!  I still live dangerously on what to tumble dry or not.